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Ella Kogan, born in Russia to renowned painter Leonid Kogan (whose works are part of Russia’s most esteemed collection of fine art at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg), has been an artist since childhood. Early on, her father noticed her natural gift for music and singing. Her academic background in classical piano and multicultural exposure have lead Kogan to develop a unique philosophy and technique behind her artwork. Her fascination with sculpture as a means of artistic expressions revealed itself as a fluke of fate. Ella happened to be helping her son with a homework assignment, and suddenly discovered an instant love for working with clay, a relationship that continues to produce powerful, provocative results. She often attributes her inspiration to everyday observations, her criticism of politically correct demeanor and often, to images of faces that appear in her mind. Ella’s sculptures are a deep reflection of her impassioned visions and her commentary on societal conventions.


Kogan has exhibited her works in multiple solo and group exhibitions, including New York’s International Art Festival, the Museum of Russian Art and a three-year showing at the Locatoile Gallery in Paris, France.  Her sculptures can be found in private collections in the United States and abroad. She was featured in The Huffington Post and the Examiner, among other leading art publications.


Ella Kogan lives in New Jersey, where she also has her art studio. Her husband is the CEO of a fast-growing private company and the couple has three adult children. In 2016, Ella Kogan’s art was featured at Rogue Space gallery in Chelsea, and this spring she will present a series of her recent works at the ARTEXPO New York 2017. 

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